“Nonoy Patricion and His Wood Carving”

Written by Kent Angelo Costales, B.S. in Chemical Engineering III.


Furniture making and wood carving are some of the artistic skills that filipinos possess. These skills are truly too difficult to master and require patience and years of practice. This is why the skills and passion of Nonoy Patricio in his art are admired by the miagao-anons for his creative hands and styles are truly unique and expressive.

Nonoy Patricio is wood carver and a furniture maker in Barangay Kirayan, Miagao, Ilolo. He makes furniture, carves wood designs, and able to do a wooden sculpture. He can carve designs of any from small chunks of wood to large solid piece of wood depending on the choice of consumer. Nonoy and his wife are known in their barangay for they have a small but are now in demand furniture shop with intricate designs and uses mahogany wood as a medium. He is a very creative and expressive sculptor and he’s art are not all for sale. He has sculptures that are only for him and for his family which they use as ornaments in their shop as well as in their house but he accepts customize sculpture depending on the choice of his consumers. Although some of his works are not for sale, their furniture making business is well known and in demand in their barangay for unique designs and styles. Moreover, furniture making business is the primary source of income of his family.

Nonoy’s sculptures and furniture catch the attention of people that pass by their shop. He has a well-practiced creative hands that can carve anything he wants and the way he wants that produce an extraordinary artwork. He does not only expresses himself through his style of carving but also learns something from it that lead to the progress of their business.



Nonoy Patricio is a constituent of Barangay Kirayan, Miagao, Iloilo. He learned his knowledge and skills in wood carving and furniture making from Ronnie Serman, his close relative. He started carving since he was 15 years old and his high school and college attainment don’t have a relation to his skills in carving. He only took years of practicing and experimenting wood carving until he perfected his skills. He is now 46 years old and he was a designer of wood carve and furniture before he decided to open his own shop. Now, his furniture making and wood carving business is running for 25 years already and is continuously progressing.

He is a provider of 3 children with his ever supporting wife on his side and his skills in wood carving is their only source of income for their everyday needs. His income is uncertain every day and depends on consumers that will buy or order a customize one. But when good luck comes, he can earn at least thirty five thousand pesos or more only in one day in a single sala set. Although his furniture are excellent, he doesn’t always receive orders from many people. It’s not easy to raise a family in an inconsistent income but he really works hard for them.


Manong Nonoy stresses that he never regretted that he chose sculpting and carving as his career despite the unstable income that isn’t always enough for his family. He always had the passion for it ever since and he has always been so good at it. He was just at first sculptor and a designer, but soon tried his fortune on furniture making. For 25 years, he has been working alone. He has simple machines and a mahogany wood and a carving knife. All his desgns in the furniture are very intricate and

classic, while his sculptures were very personal and are not even for sale, he just hang them to attract people.

It is carving and that he is very good at and it’s good to know that he will always be thanking and practicing his art through blessed and rough times.


Nonoy Patricio is a real artist. He makes furniture for a living but make sculptures as well for his past times and just to attract people to his business. He uses mahagony, simple machines and his own hands to make the furniture and carve intricate designs on it. He started carving since he was 15 and have been living the passion as his career. Sculptures and furniture aren’t always in demand needs of the man, and he knows it but still choose continues to live by it.

Sculptors are really patient and creative ones, so is Nonoy Patricio. He makes furniture as outlet of his carving skills, but never forgets to play on his creativity that is evident on the random sculptures he makes. He makes them whenever he like to and though they are random but they have true value for him. Not just these sculptures attract customers but because it’s how Manong Nonoy express himself. To sustain a big family with such small shop isn’t easy for Manong Nonoy but his family is understand and supportive to him in ways for him to practice his love for carving and earn from it. His small shop although not elegant and so big but it has been continuously making furniture for people for 25 years and it has always been enough to sustain his family. The income of his personal shop may not be that consistent but it’s what he love and it supports the people that he loves, and it has always been enough for him.

Personally I was amazed by Manong Nonoy’s Nonoy passion. They lived in a humble home just close to their humble shop and they have were really accommodating. What really interests me is not the furniture making alone, but the sculptures and carvings he put on the furniture he makes. He just makes these sculptures for designs on his mini shops, and they were truly his lucky charms, because I personally was attracted by the cute sculptures. The sculptures weren’t for sale but were really beautiful. At first glance the designs were random but they had true value form Manong Nonoy. The sculptures were his way of expressing himself and his thoughts. With the way Manong talks to us, it was evident that it wasn’t just about the business for him, because it’s what he loved to do. And it’s such a unique thing to hear that the sculptures he manually makes are not for sale.

Nonoy Patricio is one of the most passionate artists I’ve ever heard. Even when tough times come, he will still stick to the career that he loves very much. His furniture designs were very intricate and the way he makes them makes him truly and exceptional artist for it requires a lot of hard work and patience. His sculptures were very good as well, and what I know is that it is full of inspirations and expressions of himself. But he’s open to very open to people, if one wishes to research deeper, one can contact him using his wife’s mobile number: 09282350338.

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