“Joseph Nietes: Pure Passion in his Canvass”

Written by Shaira Mae Fernandez, B.S. in Chemical Engineering III.


Joseph Nietes is a painter from Netura St., Ilaya, Miagao Iloilo. He paints on different canvasses using different mediums. He is a realist who appreciates and makes his own perception of beauty, and often finds it in nature, in people’s faces and actions. He paints on normal canvass, walls, ceramics, and even on shirts. Joseph is known in their barangay for he and his brother Erwin who is also artistic has printing and painting services. They work together in their business, with hard work and passion.

Joseph’s artworks aren’t hard to appreciate and are very appealing to everyone. He has very flexible creative hands that can paint almost anything, from portraits, landscapes, backdrops, and he is even starting to experiment and learn 3D painting. He paints for a living and paints for people telling and giving him guides of what they want, as well as he also get money from his personal paintings which are in fact very in demand that he doesn’t get to keep some of them. His talent and passion in arts not only enables him to express himself but to also gain something from it, and only very few people get to pursue their passion along with success.


Personal Background

Joseph Nietes of age 29 is from Netura St., Ilaya, Miagao Iloilo. He is a painter but his college degree was nothing really related to art. But still, he and his brother Erwin Nietes are businessmen in their place, with Joseph painting and Erwin lettering and printing. They are really focused in their business especially that it is centered with arts and is one major source of their income. Their business is quiet successful and in demand, they love what they do and it loves them back. They have each other in whatever they do, and it’s safe to say that their relationships and lifestyles mainly revolve around brother and business.

Artistic Background

Joseph is a very creative and flexible painter. He was in grade school whe first showed interest in drawing. Throughout the years, he has practiced and taught himself how to paint. In college, he started to get to the business of painting for other people. He paints backdrops on occasions in school, birthday parties, and fiestas. He also paints portraits and landscape which often centers on nature and people.

He has brother Erwin, to whom he partners his business with. His brother is also in the field of arts, and is very good at sketching and lettering. Erwin helps Joseph with lettering for his backdrops; Joseph on the other hand helps Erwin in his designs for his shirt printing services. Although their business is booming, the brothers still choose to do their works simply and patiently. Joseph usually just uses Styrofoam in his backdrops and plywood for his personal paintings; Erwin sketches on cardboards and prints the designs on shirts manually, where the designs painted would be reproduced and carved individually for each shirt. Although they both help each other in the few aspects in their business, the two works very hard individually. Joseph gets a lot of request and orders from other people, while Erwin receives a lot of order of shirts to print. They are really hard working and passionate about what they do.

Joseph specifically is really passionate in painting. His works may it be for other people or personal are very in demand. In fact, he doesn’t get to keep most of his personal paintings because a lot of people want to buy them. His artworks are very creative and beautiful. Although he has been known for his talent, Joseph is still very down to Earth. He paints for a reasonable price but still gives his customers the best that he could do. He never even tried signing up for an art exhibit, although a lot of people buy his paintings and hangs them in their own shops and homes. He really is just into their business and his personal outpourings of the mind.

Art as Passion and Business

Joseph ever since he was a kid already had talent and interest in arts. He soon found himself in deep attachment and passion for painting. He is self-taught and self-employed, and started his own business when he was in college and then soon worked with his also art-passionate brother Erwin. He is a very creative and flexible painter, able to paint different types of paintings using different mediums and on different canvasses, may it be on walls, wood, Styrofoam or paper. He paints for business and for himself. He never stops himself from learning, he is always experimenting and he is even starting to learn and practice 3D painting.

He paints upon people’s requests, and they are often very satisfied. When there are excess materials after he finishes a project, he uses them to paint his personal paintings. He has a very creative mind and is still very good at expressing his perceptions and thoughts despite the limited materials he has sometimes. He doesn’t always limit himself but he spoils his thoughts and hands very often as well.

He is quite successful and happy with the career he has now. He gets to enjoy and practice his passion while earning something from it. He loves what he does and it has paid him off good as well. He’s very happy that many people appreciate his talent and his works but still wishes to have more time and guts to keep his personal paintings to himself.


Joseph Nietes of the age 29 always have the passion for arts ever since he was a kid. He had practiced his talent and is continuously learning and experimenting throughout the years. Painting has helped him earn a living and is currently in a business with this brother who happened to be an artist as well. They have been always very patient and hard working in what they do. More importantly, it’s such a blessing that they have been working on and with their passion for arts. Joseph and his brother Erwin are young but are quiet successful already, they have been each other’s helping hand and idols. Each of them has their own forte, Joseph with painting and Erwin with sketching and lettering. Joseph is one great blooming painter. Everyone loves his art works and are even very in demand. He is generous and humble, for him, it is not just about business but self-expression and sharing of his talent to other people as well.

To work with passion and a brother are such big bonuses to Joseph. His hobby and interest in arts that he never stopped to practice and improve throughout the years as led him to where he is now. He is contented and very happy with their business that has his passion with it. He paints for people and for himself as well, and it is evident in his paintings how much he loves nature and a simple life. His paintings are very appealing and very much appreciated by many people because it speaks of life without the hazard, stress and complexity. They speak of such simple and beautiful thoughts of simplicity and harmony, which he doesn’t always get to keep because a lot of people want them as well.

I have been able to talk to Mr. Joseph Nietes and he has been very understanding despite their hectic schedule. Throughout the interview, I stood in awe with everything really beautiful in the background. As I was really impressed with his artworks, he remained very humble and accommodating. He wasn’t advertising anything to me but he just really wants to share his talent and his love for his paintings, especially the one in Figure 8. It’s the one painting he will never sell, he told me that it’s not because it’s made from scraps and excess materials but because everything on it doesn’t have the price but the value that always gives him motivation to continue sharing his talent to other people even though at times that he gets tired with all the things that he has to meet. The painting started from random strokes of the brush then was effortlessly turned into a beautiful and calming artwork.

Joseph Nietes is still very young and his talent will continue to improve, amaze and help people. I myself was amazed with his talent and creativity, and will sure to get his personal paintings one day. If anyone is interested for further research or other reasons, you can contact Mr. Joseph Nietes using his personal mobile number: 09398839293. It was such a great experience to see his paintings and see him work and talk with his passion, it was truly an honor.


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